About Me

Hi! My name is Zahra. I have a degree in nutrition and am currently in the middle of my dietetic internship on my way to becoming a registered dietitian. I became interested in Paleo nutrition last year, while I was applying to my internship and basically spent that year off studying it. I like to read scientific literature, anything nutrition related and want to explore the new research on saturated fats, sugars, gluten and analyze  the modern dogma of nutrition.
I also try and incorporate paleo principles into my own life. I don't always do this well, that's why it's called Paleo Imperfection. In this day and age it is difficult to follow paleo to the letter and I don't think we have to. I am more interested in an approach to a lifestyle of eating natural, real food that is grown and raised ethically and healthily, and a lifestyle that incorporates stress management, quality sleep and movement.

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